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Yours, Virginia – S.G.NITË

Meet The Author

Have you ever
fallen in love with being in love?
If so, join me on this little adventure with all those ups and downs
and twists and turns of this bittersweet journey.
After all, this is how I came to experience this love story.
The story of first Love.
I was swirled around the highs and the lows. I completely lost myself.
But in the end, I found my better and evolved self. I was surprised. A lot!
Oh, what turbulence…what excitement. And tears… many, many tears.
So, dear Reader, let’s take some tissues and let us dive in.
Let’s have some laughs and some cries together.
Let’s learn together, for love is also full of lessons.
I wrote this book as a love letter, for all kinds of loves and hearts
that have been or still are hurting.

Yours, Virginia is the meeting spot of lost loves
and broken hearts.

So, my loves, I wish to catch you, as I needed to be caught, when I
was falling – just like when I needed to be saved.
I’m giving you a hand, to hold on to, to rest, to find understanding
and maybe now, maybe later find some clarity and healing.

I hope that through my words you’ll find
the hope you need.

With all the love
in the whole world,



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