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Book Bundles

Book Bundle! Both, Good Morning to Goodnight and Perspective


Get both, Good Morning to Goodnight and Perspective in this book bundle!
Good Morning to Goodnight (published under the pseudonym @elenikaur) is a poetry collection about love, heartbreak and healing. It guides you towards a journey of healing and reminds you no matter what heartache or struggle you may be facing, you are not alone.
Perspective, (@perspectivebysophia) is a motivational book- teaching you how to live a life that you love, just by changing your mindset! I talk a lot about the importance of self-love too. What I love about both, ‘Good Morning to Goodnight’ and ‘Perspective’ is the growth you can see between the two- the two year difference is so clear. This is a prime example of reminding you, no matter what hardship you may be going through, no matter how tough your situation may seem, you will grow, you will evolve and you will become the incredible person you were always destined to be. You will be absolutely fine- one day, you will look back and realise exactly the way things happened in the way that they did. You will realise the importance of self-love and self-acceptance too and you will feel so liberated. You will be free
And when true love does arrive, you will not be left questioning where you stand. The right one will never leave you questioning yourself. Trust me