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From Soul to Paper by Krisel

I have spent hours with my eyes glued to notebooks.

Over the years, I strengthened my poetry to the point where I want this strength to touch your hearts and leave a mark on your lives.

Being a timid, withdrawn girl, I had a hard time communicating my feelings. I was too silent for someone who was always sinking in the flow of ideas and emotions.

Poetry has now become my means of catharsis and I use poetry as a medium to loosen these inhibitions.

This collection includes poetry of all kinds; my writings can make you feel joyful, awed, content, compassionate and smitten even.

I hope you attain enjoyment from my chaotic overflow of emotions.

Dear reader, my aim is to enthral you with my creations.

 I found myself while writing this book, and I want you to find yourselves too.

Enter my world and discover a life full of marvels.

With Love,


Meet The Author

"My books are marked down because most of them are marked with a on the edge by publishers."


I want to dedicate this book to everyone who helped me make it a reality. To my family who has endorsed my decision from the very beginning. To my parents, for loving and supporting me through many hardships in my extraordinary journey. To my little sister, Emi, who knew before everyone else did and who has been even more excited for this book than I ever was. Surely, to the rest of my relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents whom I wish to make proud with this book. To my friends with whom I created the experiences that I have written about. To those who have been there for me through everything, who has made me cry tears of joy and been a shoulder to cry on through the tears of pain. I will always be thankful and hope that our friendship will continue to be just as strong in the future. Lastly, to all my readers. Without you, this book would be worthless. You are what gives it meaning and beauty. I hope you flip through the pages with sparks in your eyes and smiles on your faces.


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