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Stardust and Butterflies

Meet The Author

Stardust and Butterflies – written by 15 year-old Nathaniel Iews

At just 15-years-old, Nathaniel Iews introduces himself to the world as an emerging young voice in Stardust and Butterflies, his debut collection of poetry. With poems about adolescence, self-image and self-love, identity, heritage and growth: Stardust and Butterflies is unapologetically teenage.

Written as an ode to youth from a fresh voice in poetry, Stardust and Butterflies is a collection that follows the imagined life cycle of a butterfly, a symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, across four chapters. In this striking collection, Nathaniel explores the arduous journey of growth as a teenager: reminding readers that we are made of stardust and are like butterflies, eye-catching in boldness, and set out to rise.



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