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This One For Me – Notebook

This notebook was designed for you — a place for your thoughts and creativity to find a home.
I wrote ’This One’s for You’ for you and now I design the exterior of this notebook with deep intentions for you to be in charge of your interior and express yourself. Writing is a wonderful outlet to express your soul so I give this to you — for you to express yours.

Meet The Author

My darling, you deserve endless love and salvation but I urge you to give it to yourself first. You are made of pure magic; use your magic and these pages to imprint your story. Write what you feel. Write for yourself. By the end, you will have an entire book of your own.
This notebook was designed for you to craft your own story. Poetry is art and that’s the beauty of the poetic world. Poetry is whatever you wish it to be — express yourself however you wish — this is yours. Design the interior as you wish, place your furniture as you wish.
Be as creative as you wish or be as simplistic as you wish. The pages between these walls is a chance for your creativity to shine. Whether you decide to share your work with the world one day or keep this to yourself, that decision is entirely yours.
Take this time for yourself — take each moment as it comes. You deserve it. You deserve everything beautiful in this world and this is a chance for you to give it to yourself first. Use these pages to your advantage. I will guide you at the beginning but the rest is yours.

Here’s to you!
Good luck!

With Love,
Eleni Sophia x


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