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Their Limiting Beliefs are Not Yours

This is your reminder that their limiting beliefs are not yours; I wrote this book for those of you who are trying to reinvent themselves amidst others’ attempts to take you down. The moment you realize how elevated you are and how much purity you radiate, do you really think God wants you on a table like that? Do you genuinely feel God would place a high-value woman like you on a table around people with intentions to take you down? Or those who are waiting for you to do something wrong so they can immediately jump against you? No, he removed you because he knew you didn’t deserve to be there. take this as your sign to work on yourself, to pick up books like this, to understand how precious you are, to understand how Godly you are; he doesn’t want you around there. He wants you on a table where you’re elevating, he wants you on a table where you’re embracing your femininity; where you’re unafraid to be yourself, where you’re surrounded by opportunities. You’ll eventually teach yourself to remove yourself from those who wish to see your downfall. And I understand how much harder it is when this person is inevitably and sadly a part of your life ie toxic ‘family,’ but seeing how you can empower yourself through this process is a powerful move in itself.

Funny thing is, most often, it’s those that have very little going for them or those who don’t even have their own life together that want to take down yours. Most of the time there’s a threat towards you hence the immediate lash against you so don’t be so disheartened. Your presence probably enrages them, and that’s the sad truth; they have so little going for themselves they try and take down the ones who know what they want from this life. This is your reminder that you have everything beautiful in life, you have your mind, you have your hobbies and most importantly you have yourself. you love yourself so endlessly. Please do not allow the presence of small minds to distract you from what really matters. Especially if you have been blessed with someone who would do anything and everything for you. Remember, you deserve all the beautiful things in life. Please, do not allow the presence of small minds to distract you from the visions you have for yourself and your future family.

I recently saw a quote that said ‘Sometimes I want to reciprocate people’s disrespect but then I look at their lifestyle and how life treats them and that’s enough punishment’ and I couldn’t agree more. Silence is golden – let God deal with it. keep focused on you angel, you’ve got this and please don’t let their existence distract you from what really matters in life and from the blessings your creator has showered you with. Keep trusting him and he will guide you.

Their Limiting Beliefs are Not Yours
Eleni Sophia


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