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This book is an ode to remind you that you have everything within to choose your own path; it teaches you the power of breaking through generational trauma and understanding who you truly are at your core so you can become the person you were forever destined to be.

I use this space to speak on behalf of my ancestors. Voicing the words of those who were silenced for years; I am the embodiment of their lost ambition reincarnated into this one girl whose soul is doing whatever it takes to break generational curses and give women back their power.

For all my cycle breakers, I know this journey is never easy but a shift in perspective always helps; take a moment to understand how your creator and your ancestors chose you to embark upon this journey. I always say, your creator will never put you through anything he doesnโ€™t think you can handle. They all know the bravery and strength you carry – so enjoy this journey, and embrace every moment.

By the end of the book, I hope you find the courage to be softer to yourself, embrace your journey and most importantly, gain the power to break free from situations and people that no longer serve you purpose.

This book is a safe space taking you through many emotions, feel free to write over the margins, and feel free to come back here in moments of distress. Make yourself at home.

May you continue breaking through cycles with uttermost clarity.

With Love,

Eleni Sophia


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