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By Eleni Sophia

Good Morning to Goodnight e-Book


This collection of short poetry will hopefully make you aware that no matter what life may throw at you, you can conquer it. Any form of heartbreak is one of the worst things one can encounter. Some say heartbreak is inevitable whereas some may disagree. However, almost every individual will probably experience some sort of heartbreak throughout their lives.We all have our own ways of healing but throughout this book, I have written in such a way that hopefully, most people can relate; the pain is printed- in black and white (literally!)I hope you can relate to my words- I tried to keep the poetry as simplistic as possible- as described by some readers, ‘the words speak for themselves.’I hope my words have a didactic element- which not only teach but remind you that you are not alone.I hope you enjoy ‘Good morning to Goodnight.’

Lots of love,
Eleni Sophia

Notebook Write Your Business Plan, Sis


There’s just something about writing with pen and paper that really encourages me; you feel as if you’re physically constructing your desired lifestyle — it truly is a beautiful feeling!
I created this notebook so you too, can feel motivated and begin your amazing journey. Of course there will be bumps along the way, but that’s the beauty of it all.

Notebook Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches

Perspective By Sophia e-Book


Our perspective plays such an essential role in our daily lives. The way in which we view certain situations affects how we feel and consequently shapes our reality. Life is continually responding to us because what we experience is a clear depiction of how we feel and what we feed our minds.I do not believe in accidents nor do I believe in coincidence; everything happens for a reason. This belief reminds me that I am the master of my own life. Whatever happens, I will learn, or I will thrive. There is no such thing as ‘failure;’ after all, one step back is definitely two steps forward.In a world filled with endless opportunities, we must resist the belief that our dreams are not achievable. The negative and toxic views of those around us should not have power over us or our dreams and we need to remember that the pains of regret far outweigh the fear of ‘failure.’Something I have definitely noticed is, one can watch as many motivational videos, read many books like these but the dream does not work unless you do. You can achieve anything your heart desires or something more extraordinary. One must, however, learn to grasp the beauty of belief in both, oneself and the universe first.This is not an ordinary motivational book that motivates you for a while and leaves you dry, rather, it is a beacon, a map that makes traveling through life much easier and helps you notice the true simplicities and beauty of life.I invite you to take a journey of self-discovery with me.

This One For Me – Notebook


This notebook was designed for you — a place for your thoughts and creativity to find a home.
I wrote ’This One’s for You’ for you and now I design the exterior of this notebook with deep intentions for you to be in charge of your interior and express yourself. Writing is a wonderful outlet to express your soul so I give this to you — for you to express yours.