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Giggles & Tears by Sigi


This collection of Poetry is by our youngest author, Sigi!

When I woke up three years ago at 2am and wrote my first poem I never would have thought that it would come to this…
Over the course of three years, I have written on pieces of paper, notes in my phone, on several textbooks, and on my laptop. I did not let anyone know for more than six months. Then, I showed it to somebody. Then, to more people. And then I discovered that the words I had written could touch others, too.

Dear reader, I invite you into these pages with open arms, where you can discover everything that has ever found its way to my heart. Be it a movie, a book, a person, or more. I warn you, I am awfully honest about them.
I hope that just as this book means a lot to me, it will end up meaning a lot to you too
And maybe, hopefully, you will feel something when you read it, just as I did writing it.

This is Giggles and Tears