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From Soul to Paper by Krisel e-Book


I have spent hours with my eyes glued to notebooks.

Over the years, I strengthened my poetry to the point where I want this strength to touch your hearts and leave a mark on your lives.

Being a timid, withdrawn girl, I had a hard time communicating my feelings. I was too silent for someone who was always sinking in the flow of ideas and emotions.

Poetry has now become my means of catharsis and I use poetry as a medium to loosen these inhibitions.

This collection includes poetry of all kinds; my writings can make you feel joyful, awed, content, compassionate and smitten even.

I hope you attain enjoyment from my chaotic overflow of emotions.

Dear reader, my aim is to enthral you with my creations.

 I found myself while writing this book, and I want you to find yourselves too.

Enter my world and discover a life full of marvels.

With Love,


Giggles and Tears by Sigi eBook


‘When I woke up three years ago at 2 am and wrote my first poem I never would have thought that it would come to this… Over the course of three years, I have written on pieces of paper, notes in my phone, on several textbooks, and on my laptop. I did not let anyone know for more than six months. Then, I showed it to somebody. Then, to more people. And then I discovered that the words I had written could touch others, too. Dear reader, I invite you into these pages with open arms, where you can discover everything that has ever found its way to my heart. Be it a movie, a book, a person, or more. I warn you, I am awfully honest about them. I hope that just as this book means a lot to me, it will end up meaning a lot to you too. And maybe, hopefully, you will feel something when you read it, just as I did writing it.

This is Giggles and Tears

Perspective By Sophia e-Book


Our perspective plays such an essential role in our daily lives. The way in which we view certain situations affects how we feel and consequently shapes our reality. Life is continually responding to us because what we experience is a clear depiction of how we feel and what we feed our minds.I do not believe in accidents nor do I believe in coincidence; everything happens for a reason. This belief reminds me that I am the master of my own life. Whatever happens, I will learn, or I will thrive. There is no such thing as ‘failure;’ after all, one step back is definitely two steps forward.In a world filled with endless opportunities, we must resist the belief that our dreams are not achievable. The negative and toxic views of those around us should not have power over us or our dreams and we need to remember that the pains of regret far outweigh the fear of ‘failure.’Something I have definitely noticed is, one can watch as many motivational videos, read many books like these but the dream does not work unless you do. You can achieve anything your heart desires or something more extraordinary. One must, however, learn to grasp the beauty of belief in both, oneself and the universe first.This is not an ordinary motivational book that motivates you for a while and leaves you dry, rather, it is a beacon, a map that makes traveling through life much easier and helps you notice the true simplicities and beauty of life.I invite you to take a journey of self-discovery with me.

Good Morning to Goodnight e-Book


This collection of short poetry will hopefully make you aware that no matter what life may throw at you, you can conquer it. Any form of heartbreak is one of the worst things one can encounter. Some say heartbreak is inevitable whereas some may disagree. However, almost every individual will probably experience some sort of heartbreak throughout their lives.We all have our own ways of healing but throughout this book, I have written in such a way that hopefully, most people can relate; the pain is printed- in black and white (literally!)I hope you can relate to my words- I tried to keep the poetry as simplistic as possible- as described by some readers, ‘the words speak for themselves.’I hope my words have a didactic element- which not only teach but remind you that you are not alone.I hope you enjoy ‘Good morning to Goodnight.’

Lots of love,
Eleni Sophia

This One’s for You e-Book


Written by the same author of ‘Good Morning to Goodnight,’ Eleni quite literally, writes this one for you!

Separated into four chapters, ‘The Redirection,’ ‘This One’s For You,’ ‘A Woman Like Her’ and ‘God Sent Love,’ Eleni takes you on a journey of healing and reminds you of how incredible you are.

From Ours to Yours e-Book


This book is from our love, to your love; We wrote this as a token of appreciation: Our appreciation for one another. Our appreciation for you. And our appreciation for love. To prove to you that true love does exist- But first, first you have to fill your own cup with endless self-love: You have to be patient and trust the process. We wrote this to remind you that even if the distance does get tough, even if you are from different backgrounds — Nothing should get in the way- especially if something is what you truly want. Do not ever stop fighting for your happiness. Put your happiness first. Always. And never give up on what your soul craves; this life, this journey is so special And we want to share everything with you

This is,
From Ours to Yours!
Eleni Sophia & pn.writes