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By Eleni Sophia

Table For One, Please – Eleni Sophia


The journey of self-love is an ongoing journey; that’s the best part; once you begin, there is no going back; you are on this forever journey to get to know who you truly are. Once you’re committed to yourself, that’s it. And that’s also why you shouldn’t be so disheartened if you’re going through a rough period; please, let it hurt, but also, let it heal. Give it the chance to work for your betterment.

It is up to you to take care of yourself, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have you. And you will reach this stage – it will take its time but be easy on yourself.

Learning to forgive yourself for things that didn’t go so well in your life and learning to comprehend that everything that didn’t go so well in your life happened for you is one of the best decisions you can make – but this only comes once you begin nourishing yourself.

Self-compassion and grace are vital ingredients in this journey. Whenever I used to hear ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience’ I would become very emotional. Think about it. Think of how rare it is for you to exist – yet your creator knew how powerful you were and brought you into this beautiful world – he’ll never allow you to experience anything he doesn’t think you can’t handle.

You will come back to your better self. I pray you find joy in your self-love journey.



Written by the same author of ‘Good Morning to Goodnight’ Eleni quite literally, writes this one for you!
Separated into four chapters, ‘The Redirection,’ ‘This One’s For You,’ ‘A Woman Like Her’ and ‘God Sent Love,’ Eleni takes you on a journey of healing and reminds you of how incredible you are.
I wrote this for you to remind you of how worthy you are; You are worthy of having millions of books written to you, about you, for you.

I dedicate this to you
This is your sign for new beginnings
This is your reminder of how special you are
I welcome you on this journey with me

This One’s for You